Another 100 Years?

As we enter our 101’st year of continuous operation we wonder if we can last another 100 years. San Francisco has lived with disruption and been a disruptor. The ground moves and can shake a building and people to their core. People can build companies that disrupt. Time will tell if these new technologies and delivery trucks will end the corner store at the heart of Bernal Heights.

We think it is up to you, our customers. If you buy smaller and smaller amounts of food from the corner stores they will continue to disappear. Many are up for sale now as the trend is playing out. Trucks can idle outside our house and drop of boxes of prepared food like Blue Apron, or specialty Egg companies, or subscription groceries from the largest online retailer and owner of Whole Foods.

We know that if you value the 100 year old treasure of a store and want to keep it around you’ll double or triple the amount you purchase on your next visit. If you want local owners and local foods then we need your help. Today you can order from the largest companies in the world like Walmart or Amazon and have it delivered. You can have local farms deliver organic produce. If enough people do that our store will fade and close or become a vape shop. Time will tell us what Bernal Heights residents want for the North Slope. There were 4 stores at one time and now only one is left.

Our hope is that you take a healthy walk to the store and give us your consideration. We have 8 big trucks that come to the neighborhood and fill our store each week saving the neighborhood from 800 trucks delivering individual meals or groceries to different houses and apartments. We’ve worked on our carbon footprint to save energy and you can save environment too by buying local and keeping the store corner stores alive.

Food is at the core of who we are, great food gives us a strong heart and we hope you believe deep in your heart that we are a cornerstone to the community of Bernal Heights. Gina and Joseph Chu

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