Home is where the heart is..

Bernal Height has had several stores but one has remained at its heart for over 100 years. This market was started in 1918 and has continuously operated since then. In 2010 a reconstruction effort removed old shelving and replaced it with a heart shelf as a tribute to the woman that managed the store and saved it right before it closed. She brought over her brother and the family pitched in to buy the store and stock it. She was told she could not have children and wanted to build a store that would attract Moms and their children, not long after that she got pregnant and now her daughter helps out at the store.

The store survived the earthquakes, fires and drug era of Bernal Heights and is going strong today. It’s on the 3rd family ownership and currently the second longest owner of its history.

Gina lost her husband only a couple months after relocating to America and getting married. She set out to grow corner stores into organic and health food stores. This was her second store that she managed. She grew the store to 20 times more revenue and rescued it to the joy of the original Cancilla family that founded the store and got to see it rejuvenated before Mrs. Cancilla passed away. Her brother is an environmental engineer and came to help her as she grew and eventually took over the store.

We welcome you to visit and sample the many great wines, craft beers and unique small batch spirits. We have one of the city’s largest selections of single malt whiskey. Fresh local produce is hand selected and delivered 6 days a week. You’ll find your favorite snacks and a large selection of local ice creams.